Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ten Million Sounds - - Ten Million Sounds : Morning Light Compilation

Ambient/ Hip Hop
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Open your eyes dear reader, it's morning. You've been asleep a long time. The light can be harsh at first, but your eyes will adjust soon enough, once the mist of sleep have cleared from your mind. That sound you hear is the music of a brilliant morning just like this one. 'Ten Million Sounds' to be exact, “Ten Million Sounds: Morning Light Come” to be more exact, a compilation of ambient electronica and instrumental hip hop with a general theme of morning and hope. If a collection of music could ever be more fitting for a way to start your day, I think it would be field recordings of forests filled with birds. Every track on this album has just the right amount of energy and a gentle pacing to get one going in the morning (or, in theory a way to unwind at night). Every song here is extremely polished, nary a rough edge in sight, though Larry Blueberry's “Somewhere Going” does take down tempo to extremes not explored elsewhere on the record. On the opposite end of the tempo spectrum (and quite possibly an enchanted forest), “Desires” is built around the flowing melody of a flute and Otso's “Beginning of the End” also features one. Two flutes, one album, no Kenny G. It's a win/win in my eyes. A side note, bugseed seems to be channelling their inner “What Does Your Soul Look Like” on “Gentle”, which is a great point of reference for this particular compilation. If you're in need of some uplifting music to put a spark in your step, Ten Million Sounds, with it's bright ambiance and upbeat and funky hip-hop will do the trick.
This album was released as part of a charity drive for International Justice Mission and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. More information on these organizations and the charity can be found on the Ten Million Sounds bandcamp site.

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