Thursday, April 19, 2012

Those Gulls - 2011 - Those Gulls


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Those Gulls self-titled album is three piece post-punk by way of grunge rock, with sociopolitical themes underpinning the goings on. The boys keep things moving at a brisk pace, only letting you catch your breath when the album itself has reached its finale; 'I'm a Ballchopper' is a remix that verges on industrial hip-hop and is considered a 'bonus track'. For a three piece they punch above their weight, the music has the large“all consuming” sound that larger bands tends to create. The guitars are certainly center stage most of the time, and that's where I feel the grunge aspect of their sound comes from. The riffs are heavy, but anthemic; like the guitars on a good Pearl Jam or Screaming Trees song would be. That isn't to say that everything is perfectly peachy.At times, the bass gets lost in the mix, like Metallica's “And Justice for All”. Guitar dominance will do that I suppose, but for every rare occasion that occurs, you've got thick bass lines bringing up the low end ('Say Goodnight') – The bass solo, yes bass solo,on 'Choke' is probably the stand out section of the album for me. It's not every day the bass gets to spotlight in rock music in quite this manner. The vocals can swing from excellent to a bit off for some intangible reason. Oddly placed in the mix on occasion, the singer sounds like he is up above (in a literal sense) everything else. It's got some issues with mixing that annoy, but these three guys have produced a really good rock record here that earns your attention. Rock out in your Sunday best flannel!

Warning – Flannel is a fashion statement not to be undertaken lightly.

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