Sunday, April 8, 2012

Loud Apartment - 2011 - Get Up Get Down

Funk Rock
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Some music is just so colorful and unapologetically enthusiastic that it yanks you right out of your seat and takes you to whatever destination it has in mind. The title track of Get Up Get Down, with its drum barrage, twinkling synths, buzzing walls of guitars, takes a while to get to that point, but once it climaxes, the various elements all running over each other in a desperate haze, man, it travels. The music has the polish of any excellent production, but it just breathes, every instrument taking part in a continuous dialogue, all unfolding behind the thoughtful narrative of the lyrics. There’s a wonderfully authentic flavor to the whole affair, the bustling atmosphere developing naturally, and the band reaches an irresistible euphoria as each song dares the next to top it. It’s a melting pot of music straight out the world’s greatest melting pot, and it tastes like so many different things that keeping track of all the layers can be dizzying. But the uninitiated need not worry; this is everybody’s celebration. If my plea for your presence hasn’t taken you into the zone already, then here’s the next step you should take: stop reading. There’s a shiny link right above this review. Click it. Then press the play button, and your journey into this warm, weird, wonderful world will begin.

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