Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love Greatly - 2012 - Live From Our Living Room To Yours

Folk Rock
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Here's a unique live album of folk rock and pop: Take a group of different musicians, sit them down in a single living room together and have them record music together and see what comes out. The end result of such a session is “Love Greatly: Live From Our Living Rooms to Yours”, ten tracks of rather well craft music, a lovely (ahem) surprise given the nature of the project. It's as stripped back as stripped back can be – acoustic guitars and vocals are all you get for the majority of the tracks, and what little mixing there must have been to these tracks doesn't dilute the intimacy of the setting one bit. You can hear occasional vocal and instrumental hick ups when they do occur (which is to say not often). I can almost picture Andrew Benfante grinning from ear to ear as he lets the song drop out as he whispers a response to himself on 'CA', the tone of his voice changes ever so slightly when he picks up again, but it adds a little something extra to that section of the song. Jake Hull plays the crap out of that guitar of his on 'Cradle'. Ian Thorton's voice really pulled me into his two tracks, like a weathered soul letting it all hang out. Brian Million should be doing acoustic sets for arenas full of lighters (or cell phones if you're too hip for that). The living room can't contain him. I think andylion should be probably join him, because he really knocks it out of the park with 'light knight for a dark horse'. I wasn't sure at first, but he comes off more human on 'knight' than 'Find Your Ghost' and it adds to the song's appeal. The Hunt sisters; Jennifer and Jessi round things out with two excellent tracks, of which 'Subject to Sink' is the album's standout track. I will follow these two on any musical journeys they take. I would have liked the harmonies on 'Cradle' to have been more distinguishable though. At least harmonies are what I think I'm hearing. The biggest issue I had with this LP is that the first track has the audience clapping, which is then hastily cut off. I would have preferred that be removed altogether or more of the songs have reactions from the others in the room. Gentle and true, right into your ears.

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