Saturday, April 14, 2012

MINH [MAY] - 2012 - Hunt Your Own...

New Wave / Rock
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I do love to be surprised, and “I'd Like”, aptly named as it is, did just that while I was sitting down to listen to MINH [May]. The song begins with a slow paced bit of rock, overlayed with accordion-sounding synths driving the melody (or maybe an actual accordion, I don't know). It sound a bit like Low, if you're familiar, and I was set for an EP of slowcore infused, dreamy electrorock (the bands choice of term, not mine). Then something changed, I turn away for a second and MINH [MAY] busts the guitars out of complete left field, I thought the song had changed. Nope, they decided to sucker punch me with riffs when I least expected it and end the song on a huge high. Then, just as I'm getting my wits about me, “No one Protests!” brings a Devo-esque shout-sing anthem to the plate, with enough 80's new wave to bring back stonewashed jeans all on its own (Dig those drums)! “Without” is all about the tribal drums and crunchy guitars laying the groundwork for the anti-war lyrics that fit nicely along side those on “No one Protests!”. The last track, “I'm Alive” is a slice of 80's synth rock, all keyboards, samples, and drums battling for electronic supremacy, until of course the guitar jump into the mix at the half way point and turn the whole thing on its ear (the squealing keyboard loops add a lunatic vibe). The vocal work really piqued my ears up from the get go, there is just something about it that sounds so out of place, but I can't picture this music with anyone else singing. I have to think it's the accent (though I can't place it for the life of me), that make it seem like the singer could be dropping rhymes over dance hall beats, or the voice leading a workers revolt unto the factories. They're re-purposing an old sound for something uniquely their own. Download MINH[MAY]'s 'Hunt Your Own' now!

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