Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Ages - 2011 - The Ages EP

Pop Jazz/Rock
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A mixture of pop rhythms and some rock and jazz instruments makes this record rather pleasant to listen to.  This record starts off pretty snappy and I get the impression that their style of music is very suited to that sort of fast paced and upbeat music. Unfortunately, those are only the first two songs. The other 3 songs are falling into a "pop love song"-category, reminding me of some rather plain songs from the 90's, which dont quite seem to have the same kind of expression and don't stand out as much as the first two. These songs might just be a tad too "clean" to truly catch some attention. They are pleasant to listen to, and I am sure The Ages found enough people enjoying their sound. The use of the jazz instruments really is refreshing and considering the feeling you get while listening to those first songs, I wish they'd have concentrated on making more upbeat music to tap your feet to. Overall not bad, but lacking a certain something to make it truly stand out.

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