Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Les Rivals - 2010 - EP 2010

Garage Rock
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Hey Maroon 5, you guys ain't got shit on these Jagger-like moves I'll tell you that, for damn sure. Les Rivals “EP 2010” is a little bit of that garage rock that radio stations would tell you has seen its heyday pass into the white striped sky, but if this is anything to go by, it's still alive and breathing, and sounding more like The Rolling Stones than ever (take that Hives!). The 5 tracks are all about getting up and shaking your money maker for all its worth, with the organ keys adding just the right amount of psychedelic flavour to allow for lime green outfits and lava lamps to seem like they never went out of style. For Les Rivals, the 1960's are still going strong - expanding your mind and laying everything in sight are actively accepted goals. And hell, with these tracks and the right group of people you might just get your monies worth. Everything about the production here sounds retro, like everything was recorded on old school recording equipment to give it a warmer, crisper sound while keeping the vocals clean and up front. A lot of modern rock music goes out of its way not to sound like this. It's doesn't come off as 'huge', going for a simpler but well crafted and honed sound instead, and it works completely. Les Rivals might just be the hippest cats in the place, “EP 2010” oozes swagger and charm, but you won't begrudge them for it, you'll want to join them. Move over Mick, Les Rivals are here.

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