Saturday, June 16, 2012

Extra David - 2012 - releasing 1200 ladybugs off the roof of a building

Rock and Roll
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And now a rock album your parents might say they remember hearing back when they still listened to relevant music (mine are old enough to at least). Extra David have released 'releasing 1200 ladybugs off the roof of a building', which sounds like it was recorded on equipment straight from the early days of rock and roll, and the music itself certainly harkens back to a time when Kieth Richards was still verify-ably alive. '1200 ladybugs' throw a little bit of everything from rock's yesteryear on top of the straight forward guitar and drum driven music: surf, punk, pschyedelic, and funk, in a span of four tunes. The title of the first track sums up the feeling I have of this record, “FUN FUN FIN”, an awesome time over before you know it. If I didn't know better I'd get up and dance to this, and if I had me another lava lamp, I'd throw a swinging 60's party to this. Too bad about the lamp... Each song is a little sample of something different, sans any lyrics. Some might say it sounds cheap and unrefined, and I'm sure Extra David would agree with me in saying that sound is part of the appeal and charm of this music. I don't come looking for instrument wankery and superior studio polish, and Extra David bring their A-game and a great EP. In fact I would say cleaning this up would ruin the music outright. For two guys in an Boston apartment (yeah bedroom rock record here), rock and roll hasn't sounded this much fun in a long time. I just want more, and you will too.

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