Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Panther Ray - 2012 - Parallel Motions

Rock and Roll
Parallel Motions
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'Parallel Motions' is thick with the haziness of rock and roll, with the kinds of instrumental and vocal effects that one might come to expect from a psychedelic record, and probably the warmest sounding bass I've heard in some time. Sticking to a structure that's mostly grounded in pop is where Panther Ray situate themselves for most of this record, with songs like “Water Towers” and “Color Tilt” being excellent examples of straightforward rock and roll with little in the way of effects playing a very large role in the proceedings. The fourth track, “Memory Bank”, it's the money maker here, hands down. Panther Ray could launch an entire iProduct line with that song it's so damn catchy. Seriously guys, this is the song car commercials use to drive off into the sunset. There is no shame is having more people hear your music in an advertisement if it means you can keep doing this. On the other hand a couple of the tracks play up the psychedelia end of things to quite good effect, specifically “Soar” which is built around what sounds like a reversed drum beat that's been looped. And I guess this is the one let down of the album for me. There are hints of the band exploring the space around them and dipping their toes into expanding their sound (surf and ambient pop up in controlled bursts). They're flirting with psychedelia really, never diving headlong into it. A shame, as their fleeting gestures to it are some of the records best.

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  1. This album is full of awesome music made by great people. Keep up the good work guys.