Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anusheh Anadil - 2012 - Rai

World Music
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Okay, stick with me here. I would say 'Rai' is quite the album, with world music and folk elements being a big part of the mix, and I would say pop. Of course I don't know much (see: “anything” - editor), about Bengali music or the Dhaka music scene and don't know what this might be considered there, I do however know that I really enjoyed this album, whatever genre of music it is (and whatever the lyrics may be, as I do not speak a lick of Bengali). I really am flying blind on this one; completely out of my element musically, that said, music is like math, its appeal is universal and 'Rai' is no exception. The instrumentation here has a warm sound, very inviting, getting funky from time to time (“Shabash Manush” and “Aha Ki Jaley Atkailore” get down with their bad self). Anadil's voice is the main attraction for majority of the songs, compellingly powerful and direct, sultry at times, even when the she comes off as relaxed in a few of the folk-oriented songs on the record where the vocals are a little more of what I'd consider 'rock' vocals (“Nodir Prem”, “Radham Prem”). The harmonies on “Mon Diya Por Madrasae” sound like a childrens choir is backing Anadil up, and it's rather beautiful and uplifting (the guitar solo doesn't hurt either). A record I was hesitant to review at first, but I think others will enjoy 'Rai' as much as I have. The internet is the great equalizer for music, allowing artists from all corners of the world to be heard and enjoyed from all other corners, and here's proof.

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