Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wolfmen of Mars - 2011 - Digital Penetration

Synth Rock
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It's with a love of John Carpenter soundtracks that Wolfmen of Mars take up their instruments to rock out the music of 'Digital Penetration'. Now, if you go in expecting anything even remotely similar to the atmospheric synthesizer-heavy music John Carpenter is known for, you'll leave disappointed, as this is not it. There's a lot of keyboards and synthesizers here, sure, but in this instance The Shape is just as likely to bust up a dance floor as he is a helpless babysitter. A strange mental image certainly, but appropriate with Wolfmen of Mars, as they play dance rock that's heavily influenced by horror and science-fiction films (audio clips from old films fit perfectly) both in tone and structure. With song titles like “Something Monstrous Pt. 1” and “East of Dementia”, it's obvious WoM have their tongues in their cheeks. The music itself follows much the same pattern – songs of eerie keyboard lines and audio samples (billowing wind, guttural growls) surrounded by the absolutely bouncy guitar/bass/drum boogie” East of Dementia” or drum and bass slabs of dance music in “Something Monstrous” 1 and 2. Only opener “The Breather” sticks the horror vibe the entire song length, and only because the drum and bass back up the horrifying revelation audio cue 'Dun NUH' instead of playing against it rhythmically. The last two tracks are remixes of the first and fourth track respectively, and both approach the goofy library music tracks accompanying a George Romero zombie satire in their pomp and lighthearted feel. An interesting detour to end the EP. Not a bad soundtrack for a Halloween party this one.

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