Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kindest of Thieves - 2012 - Ever The Optimist

pop/indie rock
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Kindest of Thieves could certainly be characterized along with the plethora of indie rock bands that have saturated the music world in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any fun to be had messing around in other boxes of toys as well. This EP moves at a brisk pace, the four tracks coming in at under twelve minutes, but in that time, it covers an appealing palette of sounds and influences; some songs, like “Amelia”, dabble with country and folk conventions and graft them onto the dynamics and bombast of indie rock, spinning those tropes into slight but subtly brilliant sing-alongs. Others are more direct about their experimentation, like “Go To Town On Me”, which takes the band into swing territory (albeit tempered with the atmospherics of indie rock, which the band use to tie the whole package together). This is all fine and well, but what about the band itself? some of you may be wondering, but for all my talk about influences, the songs feel remarkably cohesive, all of them swathed in clean but organic production that keeps the band centered yet lets the more offbeat moments shine as well. The songwriting here is also quite clean, seamlessly weaving in tangents from all sorts of areas into its tapestry of colorful folk-rock. This is a brief sample of what Kindest of Thieves has cooked up in their heads, but I’m already excited for another taste.

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