Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bit Bit Orunge - 2012 - Orbit

Chiptune/Cosmic Electronic
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Some things in the world are only available to the imagination; no matter how advanced or innovative our technologies become, we will never be able to grasp, say, something as infinitely small as a cell—or wrap our heads around something as infinitely immense as the universe. We’ll always be stuck somewhere in the middle, giants on the face of the earth and specks of dust in the face of the stars. Space may be something that we can never reach the ends of, but at least Bit Bit Orunge paints a stellar picture of what it would be like in Orbit. Opener “5th Season” sets a promising mood right away; it’s a beautiful slice of swooping synths and haunting bloops, and the track nails both the feelings of isolation and awe that the cosmos can inspire. “Jupita” progresses in much the same way, miniscule yet majestic, synthesized yet sincere, wispy yet weathered. Bit Bit Orunge has a way with melodies that drift seemingly aimlessly before they surge up in empowering roars. His instrumentation is also commendable; it’s a brilliant combination of electronic and instrumental, and the interplay yields fantastic dividends throughout. Strings swell in the background while bits of piano and computers swirl and intertwine. Each of the various instruments gets a chance to shine, and they never fight for dominance but simply play to each others’ strengths, soaring to blissful, uplifting heights. It’s a shame Orbit is such a short journey, but it is a gorgeous, stirring ride while it lasts.

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