Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Skinny Girls - 2011 - For Kate Moss

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Here's an odd little ditty of a record; an ambient electronic album loosely dedicated to/about model Kate Moss made up almost entirely of samples, that manages to take its crazy conceptual trappings (loose as they are) and make for a deranged, but still entertaining listen. If the title 'For Kate Moss' is more than some kind of joke Moss herself is in on, the cold minimalism and tightly strung tension of the five tracks is more than a little creepy, I'll be honest with you. “Die Down into Something”, the first track is a voice sample looped through filters repeatedly, over the increasingly louder sound of a [vinyl] record skipping and electronic noise. The rest of the EP takes a similarly cold, minimalist approach to their structure: “Beauty Dies” has haunting vocals over a menacing bass line and a piano sample straight out of a haunted house (ending a familiar but effective sample from “Run the Heart”). “In Church †” is an organ sample that sounds like it gets caught in an industrial fire that comes off creepier than it might otherwise in comparison to the morose feeling the other songs are imbibed with. “Sleep on the Floor” seems to be made up of more than one sample (that I cannot identify), and has the haunting vocals again (this time at various places in the mix) that could easily pass for the sounds of the English Moors on a foggy evening (if you're inclined to watch b&w horror films anyway). “Goodbye/Katie's Photos” is a disjointed piano and percussion loop that's less creepy, and a little too repetitive for over half its run time. Though it does crescendo to a not unsurprising noisy finally with tape hiss. If you listen to one record stalking Kate Moss this year, make it this one. Definitely a a niche sound, but its got an audience out there, I know it.

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