Saturday, May 19, 2012

Snowcake - 2009 - Snowcake


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I've had a time of it trying to write this review for Snowcake. How can I write a review of an album my brain initially says is “Female Radiohead”, when I know that is not the case at all and will only hurt the album through an unfair comparison to that band if I write around that premise. So I guess I'll just forget that initial impression outside this opening sentence and move onto 'Snowcake' as its own terms.
So Snowcake, both band and album, have created a cache of pop that is instantly memorable and incredibly catchy. And that's what I want out of my pop music anyway, and this delivers. Add it to the ever-growing list of female fronted works I've reviewed in the past months if you must, I'm sure someone it keeping a tally of it somewhere. The keyboard/bass on “Stars” is probably what gave me my initial impression about the record, but after the sound diverges in a few couple directions; some taking neo-soul/jazz with a focus more on the piano/keyboards (“Hook It” especially, with that old school organ-sounding intro) and an airy, relaxed sound, while others tracks veer off in an electropop direction that's dominated by a faster pace, synthesizer, and drum machine loops. To simplify, one is smoky lounge clubs and the other is dance floors and strobe lights. As a nerd, “Ticket to Ride” makes my smile a little wider, with me picturing Snowcake sitting around playing a round or 5 (or my friends and I for that matter), even if the song isn't explicitly about the board game. Even the mere possibility exists is enough for me to enjoy the song on an extra level (it's one of the highlights of the album even if what I just said confuses you immensely). “Unfinished Business” is a melding of the two sounds the album splits itself between with heavy thudding drum and bass, and keys that shift between twinkly ivories and techno beats and makes for a really solid (if too short) way to finish off the record. It's a mix of airy, soulful pop and dancier techno pop with a few tracks that bring it all together with lovely results. Have a slice of 'Snowcake' won't you? 

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