Thursday, May 10, 2012

Amulet - 2011 - Amulet

Alternative Rock
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Stupidly fun rock music to get down and dirty to, leaving you breathless from screaming your lungs out while throwing your limbs through the room. This might not be your cup of tea, but you'll find out easily enough. If you don't like the first song, the rest won't blow you away either since Amulet kept an overall consistant feeling to their songs on this record, even though they manage to mix some parts up quite a bit with some slower song sections and Blues influences. I wouldn't necessarily call their overall style Blues Rock, but they certainly show off the inspiration they've taken from Blues, most prominently featured in Pardon My Freedom. I'd love to see them branching even further from their established sound. Those, sometimes subtle, Blues influences are quite an interesting addition to the basic Alternative Rock sound and I'd love to see them expanding on the foundation they laid with this EP. With some of the guitar riffs being quite the treat, its solid Alternative Rock nature and convincing attitude this is a record you should definitely give a listen. I did mention its stupidly fun to listen to, right? Recommended.

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