Sunday, May 6, 2012

Synthcake - 2012 - Molding Through Seasons

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  • Listening recommendations: Drip, Sail Away
Synthcake's first EP, Musicophilia, was one of the most entertaining aural experiences I had throughout the whole of 2011. It also made my Top 3 list of 2011 and if you haven't listened to it yet, take this post as a friendly reminder to check out their free and incredibly impressive debut EP. Starting with those expectations, its hard to judge Molding through Seasons. Returning listeners are usually inclined to want more of what they already liked and that is not quite what Synthcake delivered here. This time, the world you are going to enter is not as easy going and inviting, which isn't bad by any means. "Different" is the key word here. Whereas Musicophilia was the equivalent of haunted tales coming to life in your bedroom and showing you little dark secrets that nevertheless are far away from your safe resting place, Molding through Seasons lures and pulls you right down in the pitch black and haunted dancing grounds of creatures that will make you feel a bit more than just uneasy. This EP, as short as it may be, is a journey from which you can't back off once you started it. Let me show you what I mean: The first track is more reminiscent of the first EP, and which indeed has already seen a prior release, therefore luring the listener with something familiar into this dark carneval. After this beginning, you are introduced to softly singing and enchanting sirens that tempt you to come with them on their journey, luring listeners into the haunting story of Alice. Here, the parallels between Alice's and the listeners world seem to blur, only to finally culminate into the dark carnival you attend at the end of song 4 - Molding through Seasons.
While they deviate quite a bit from the overall feeling of Musicophilia, they somehow manage staying true to their own style of inviting people on a haunted dance. A different dance this time for sure, but nonetheless still as refreshing and special as their first invitation. The use of experimental sounds, more elaborate story telling and once more superb and unique feeling are making Molding through Seasons another journey I heartily recommend to any brave soul willing to dance in the shadows to songs unknown.

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  1. I think you missed the 5th record on this one, it's awesome