Sunday, June 10, 2012

Swaren Veygal - 2012 - The Amalgamation EP

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Oh my. While I’ve never been to a club before in my life (what an exciting life high school is), music as bold and colorful as this just hits my sweet spot. On second thought, though, just calling this music “sweet” understates the impact this release makes. Swaren Veygal crafts some catchy tunes, sure, but even better, he imbues what could be soulless and disposable with intelligence and passion, every song packed with detailed little touches designed to max out the sweat glands and crush the cynics among a roller coaster of jagged, rushing rises and thundering falls. The songs here are top-caliber, visiting every genre under the sun (from electronic to modern rock to hip-hop to dubstep to soul to house to drum ‘n bass) without missing a single beat. Whether he’s channeling swelling, romantic lust on “Impossible to Hide” or just going explosive without regard for anybody’s safety on “The Longest Day”, Veygal pulls it off without straining or breaking a sweat. The energy is constantly electrifying, as well, and the way cuts like “The 10th Evil” and “Oh Shivers” just dare you to get out of your seat elevate the listen from merely impressive to immersive. So for those of us who are cramped, exhausted, locked and chained to desks and cubicles, this may be our chance to escape. If this EP is anything to go by, Veygal promises even greater getaways to come soon.

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