Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lexi Scherr - 2012 - Spring

Folk pop
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There is something about Lexi Scherr and her 2012 demo Spring that fills me with a completely immutable, uplifting joy. Maybe it’s the way her voice dodges in and out of the piano on opener “The Bomb”, navigating lines like “How do we keep pretending we can't be heroes? / We don't know how it ends, we gotta let it go” with the emotional rawness and honesty of a pro. Maybe it’s the unabashedly sunny arrangements here, full of bouncy piano, playful percussive touches, and booming drums. Maybe it’s just how doggone catchy it is. Maybe it’s all of those things.
It must be said that Scherr has a powerful grasp over her stories, such as the sorrow she channels on “Honey”, her resigned sendoff to a love she doesn’t feel she deserves. “Honey” is a stirring ballad, confined to just a piano and the voice that delivers it, and that’s exactly how it should be. Not that Scherr stays down for long: follow-up “Find You”, a song anybody who has ever stayed put in a downer relationship can relate to, has Scherr playing the plucky heroine as she promises to stay and help make things better. Perhaps it is the lyrics to this song that show why she is so relatable: she can take charge of a gloomy situation—and turn it back her way, an optimism that runs throughout many of the songs here.
These can be breezy, lonely days, and my heart is wanting for warmth again. Lexi Scherr has done a fantastic job with this five-song sampler, a soundtrack for many sunny afternoons and warm nights to come.

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