Monday, August 27, 2012

Ashton Parson - 2012 - Walk on Water

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I needed a little bounce in my step, and Ashton Parson's “Walk on the Water” EP provided just the thing to get me going. An R&B soul album is not something I come across often for wasfuersohr, nor do I ordinarily gravitate towards them on my own, but these four songs drew me in and here we are, a review later. Parson's voice is part of the appeal, I suppose for me, it's that he's not crooning, he's rocking out with a soulfulness his young age betrays. He sounds less like a ladies man trying to sing his way into the audience's pants and more like a showman trying to entertain them. “Bottle of James” and “Feels Like Forever” dance around being cheesy love songs, though they're fairly tame in their lyrical mojo and never slips into preachy gospel themes (“Feels” being as much about loving New York City as it looking for love in the city). As I said Parson's voice is part of the appeal, and the production seems to favour it as well, as his voice is definitely put front and centre in the mix. 'Walk on the Water' features quite the raucous piano on just about every track (or a keyboard equivalent) and it slides in next to the thudding rhythm section really well. The urge I have to to stomp and clap rises with every successive track, so he's won me over without a doubt. I can't find any fault in the production or the singing, though some may find his voice overly familiar to other male singers and find that a detractor, but not I. It's good, lively music and I want more.

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