Thursday, August 23, 2012

mr_carmack - 2012 - Vibes, Vol. 2

World electronic
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Hailing from Honolulu, mr_carmack describes himself as a world musician, and once you sink your teeth into his music, it’s easy to see why. Take “The Next Morning”, the opener of his latest compilation Vibes, Vol. 2: influences are taken from genres as diverse as dance, ambient, electronic, and trip-hop, making for a glitchy but warm cocktail of synths and beats. As beautiful as his soundscapes are, though, it’s his ear for melody and rhythm that drives his concoctions forward. He’ll begin with one instrument or motif before building upon it, as his songs slowly bloom into lush gardens of music, constantly shifting tone and direction. This approach is relaxed aesthetically but bustling instrumentally, and the contrast makes for a compelling but inviting listen, suitable for late night expeditions in the car, reading sessions, or even trips to the lavatory (if you’re feeling particularly classy that day, that is). As he goes deeper into his beats, mr_carmack grows bolder with his experimentation. The dubstep-influenced “Busted” finds room for some wicked record scratching and a rollicking bongo drum in the midst of its staggering, trippy beat, before the album segues into “Roller (New Look)”, a dance floor ditty replete with distant gang shouts in the background and a subtle but tricky drop that lets the synthesizer improvise a little. The world is mr_carmack’s oyster, it seems, and this time, you’re cordially invited to the rager.

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