Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Copernic# - 2009 - 24 Lights

Trip Hop
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Some times, a good bit of trip hop music is just what the doctor ordered. While I'm writing this review (but most likely not while you're reading it), I'm getting over some recent surgery, and the smoky-smooth vocals on Copernic#'s '24 Lights' makes it really easy to just sit back and relax and let the music take over. The music here is a smattering of different bits and pieces, bringing together manner of genres influences in a well-rounded sonic package, as any self-respecting trip hop record would be in this day and age. The albums should have taken its name from the lead off track, “Almost in Trance”, as the music does carry a subdued feeling, where even the fastest track (which is judging shades of gray) has methodical tempo. “Bond Girl” is an obvious tribute to and pretty good attempt at the band writing a Bond theme song. A little subdued in light of older Bond anthems, but certainly better than more recent offerings from that film series. Lyrically, it's nothing too heavy; slinking between romantic liaisons and misty emotions (and Bond girls, which is kind of the same thing really), given life and weight by Regina Przic's voice. The instrumental pieces are uniformly well done, though not as standout as Przic's voice on most of the tracks, because they tend to push her to the forefront. When they do get to take centre stage, such as the bridge near the end of “Sweet Love”, they really do put some harder edge to things (that drum and bass!). '24 Lights' showcases some serious musical chops, and makes for a relaxing listen that I wholeheartedly recommend during these dry summer days. May also work as music for gettin it on. No guarantees.

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