Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mating Call - 2012 - Hater's Exodus/Foul Behavior

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Abrasive, fractured, and most certainly not holding back is about the only introduction worthy of Mating Call's 'Hater's Exodus/Foul Behavior' EP beside trying to type out the sounds of me trembling in the corner. Sounding like the aftermath of a jazz hip-hop hybrid mangled in a car wreck with an industrial album; everything on 'HE/FB' is of a kind of sonic mess, with different sounds coming out of places that you don't think they should be. Yet, despite the urge to turn it off and throw your headphones away forever, you keep listening to it, and listening to it (four songs go a surprisingly long way given the palette being worked with), and you kinda dig it, but at the same you wish the howling would stop. Oh, and how the vocals they do howl, through a blanket of crackling noise and hissing. It might be kind of weird to think of an EP like this having any real rhythm shape to the songs, but Mating Call realize they're not going to keep your attention if they simply blast random, unrecognizable sounds at you, and thus each track follows a industrial-lite kind of song structure based around a percussive beat of some description. “Phz” is a bit pop-ier than the others in this respect, as far as calling anything here 'pop' goes. While I found no problems with the music, it's blindingly obvious 'Hater's Exodus/Foul Behavior' isn't going to appeal to everyone, but I feel it's worthy of listening to for those curious for something a little outside their comfort zone, and obviously those who enjoy the noise.

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