Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kx- - 2012 - the most dangerous of all sharks

Drum and Bass
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It's not often I get to hear the mash-up of breakbeat, drum and bass, and a few prog rock style guitar licks, so it's nice of Kx- to provide my ears with this opportunity. In what might also be the shortest EP I've reviewed since joining wasfuersohr, Kx- (pronounced “kayexminus”) provide listeners with a brief jolt of energy with the absolutely lead-footed thud of the drum loops, and the cacophony of electronics bounding about, as well as a bit of fancy guitar work as well (See “Milla Jovovich REMIX” for chipmunks-vocalized rapid fire beats over a movie sample). That high pitched squeal may get on your nerves with repeated listens (sorry Milla), but at just over two and a half minutes you'll forget about it by the time “Scrape machine part crevices for edibles” contorts and gyrates into your ear canals. In the end, 'The most dangerous of all sharks' is rather like junk food, easy to access and over quickly, but as easily forgotten and as a listen you're able to move on from it without much thought. I was originally going to review another Kx- EP ('EP1 - Like A Good Horse with a Bad Habit') that had three other original tracks (and “Milla Jovavich” to round it out), but that has since been removed from their bandcamp in favour of this. As a time waster or something to listen to while you brush your teeth in the morning, 'the most dangerous of all sharks' works just fine, but with only one non-remix tracks to recommend, and that track only being 25 seconds long, I'd say try and find EP1 which is a better showcase of Kx-'s talents than this one'. As it stands, 'sharks' is an interesting electronic album, that's easy to burn through and go on about your day, it just needs more tracks of original music to truly shine and showcase what Kx- can do. “3000 tons of lead” is great and I would love to hear more of that in the future.  

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