Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kali Ma - 2012 - Siddhartha EP

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  • Listening recommendations: Kamaswami The Merchant
Kali Ma have done something I had yet to hear in my time reviewing for wasfuersohr, and that's make an electronic synthpop album that doesn't have its head up New Waves' ass with retro nostalgia for the music of the 1980's. That throw back sound isn't something inherently bad, just somewhat boring to hear on most of that type of album (The Sounds or Yeah Yeah Yeahs, for instance do a good job of incorporating and morphing their sound to complement that keyboard heavy output). Everything, even the drums have this bright, cheery feel to them, like everyone involved (Cody Miller) was probably tapping their toes as much making this as you do listening. The keyboard's and synths are the musical voice of Buddha here, taking the place of any lyrics. It's apparently a concept album, and as I know nothing of Buddhist culture, and I'm judging only on the music, I have assume it conveys some kind of message, but I haven't the slightest idea what and I don't know if the music does a good job of conveying that, so I guess a bit of exploring around might help there. If that message is somewhat psychedelic in nature, then mission accomplished Miller, I reached technonirvana by the time the bird-like chirps/wipes start fluttering about on “Kamaswami the Merchant”. While I said earlier that New Wave may not have been the inspiration, 8 and 16bit video game soundtracks almost certainly were. Listen to “Gotama the Illustrious” or “Kamala the Courtesan” for proof of that sweet sounding midi-based influence (especially in the drumming and the use of 'blips' in “Kamala”. I would have preferred more live instrumentation (unsure if that's a real tambourine on “Vasudeva the Ferryman”, and the bass in “Govinda”  adds a deeper sound to the song) as there are hints, but those are the exception, not the rule. Still, a small complaint for an excellent synthpop album that I think deserves your ear's time.


  1. Viel Dank Gabbo! Deine Post gefaellt mir. Es ist sehr shoen!

    Haha that's my best shot at Deutsch, Gabbo! But really, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking time for this review. Unless there is another that I'm unaware of, you are the first to do so :D

    Do you have a facebook or twitter account that I can follow? I'd love to stay updated on your reviews.

  2. I'm not actually the Deutsch-speaking member of the staff, but I'm glad you liked the review, and I'm very happy I found this EP. Can't wait to hear your future output under whatever moniker it may be.