Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Treeless Forest - 2012 - Through The River, Through The Noise

Ethnic orchestral folk
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Music can provoke all kinds of reactions: indifference, joy, pathos, the list goes on. But something that music rarely does is provoke a location. That is, a special song can reach something deep inside the narrator and pry it free. Treeless Forest’s “Doppelganger”, the track that opens his five-track effort Through The River, Through The Noise, earns the honor of reaching that rare accomplishment. It introduces many things about Treeless Forest’s music: the haunting, ethereal atmosphere (the track opens with one of the most haunting voices you’ll hear this year and never lets up from there), the beautiful ruminations on existence and life, the subtly catchy motifs and melodies that’ll ring in your head long after the music has subsided. Despite the above characterization of his music, Treeless Forest is much more adventurous than his constant sense of melancholy would suggest: the instrumentation here runs as wide as a quietly powerful violin on “Melipulli” that swells into a gorgeous sea of strings (drizzled with a heavenly harp that sounds like it could carry you all the way to the clouds in the sky) to a distorted guitar that towers over the chorus of “Iguazu”, one of the most overtly poppy tracks here with its instantly recognizable claptastic rhythms and the almost summery jangling of the guitar in the bridge. The highest compliment I can pay Through The River, Through The Noise is that though it leap through multitudes, it takes the listener along for every moment, and it’s Treeless Forest’s instrumentation that is to thank for such an immersive world. Will you follow him into this dance through life?

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