Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chase Castor - 2012 - The Dawn EP

Folk surf
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We all have people or things we never realize how much we love until they disappear. The thing is, sometimes we just move forward too fast to be able to look around and see where we are. Nobody has an answer for that problem that’s going to apply 100% to everybody, but folk artist Chase Castor at least seems to be on the same page as me. “Wake up my heart / You’ve been sleeping too long,” he croons as he opens “Dawn”, the epynomous opener of this EP, and it truly feel likes an awakening. While this low-key effort doesn’t have much flourish, it is brimming with pathos, empathy, and heart, all ingredients that make it a valuable listen for all. Where Castor always delivers is with his lyrics: within the space of this work, he expertly navigates feelings of apathy, fear, and loneliness. The backdrop that brings his words to life is simple but surprisingly grand: Castor makes expert use of just the basics, as evidenced by the swelling climax the drums bring on “Dawn”, the vulnerability of the simple vocal harmonies on the moving ballad “Dull”, and the charming percussion of closer “Terrible Fear” (I should leave this as a surprise, really).
What Chase Castor explores in this work may just be personal to him, but how he voices it makes it universal. Above all, it’s a humbling reminder of the value of looking back: reflecting on the shadows of your past as they light the path towards your future.

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