Monday, October 29, 2012

The Moaning Dead - 2012 - Dead End

Garage Rock
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  • Listening recommendations: Sympathy, Romero Juliette
If only the recently deceased sounded like this, tombs and crypts would be much more happenin' joints. Any, and I stress this without reserve, any album that contains sound bites from George Romero's Dead trilogy automatically gets elevated to a whole other level in my eyes (Left 4 Dead is pretty wicked source material as well – Mike Patton if you want to be specific). I think this may be the first concept album I've ever heard designed around the zombie apocalypse and it's a damn fine garage rock/post-punk album to boot. These Dead bring a hell of a swagger to the proceedings, one doesn't have to go far to hear fuzzed out sludge - “Sympathy” is too damn cool for its damn self. “Run MotherFucker” continues the swagger step garage-punk but speeds the tempo up just enough to create tension, appropriate given the title I think. Every song has rather short clock time, so even if “Ed Wood” soundbites aren't your cup of undead tea (“Beware!” indeed), you'll quickly be ushered into the next track before it can cause you disquiet. In this regard, “Zombie Lesson” could go either way
Things are kept pretty stripped down instrumentally, bass, guitar, drums are what Moaning Dead are working with. Now either I'm hearing things I want to hear and the guitar is tuned really low and the bass is doing a lot of rhythm lines, or the bass is actually doing most of the heavy lifting and the guitar is left in the background. I feel it's the prior over the latter, given the punk nature of the music, almost to the detriment of the songs, but I obviously still really enjoyed the music regardless of the how buried the bass may or may not be. It will certainly make for good Halloween tunes, so shake what your mortician gave ya and grab The Moaning Dead's 'Dead End'. When there's no more room in Hell, The Moaning Dead will rock the Earth!

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