Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sonic Spank - 2011 - Setlists & Sextapes, vol​.​1: Live in Athens, GA

Electronic Jazz
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This record is obviously an evolution of the Daft Punk sound (centered around a Something about us remix), which they are largely successful with. What you'll be familiar with are the Daft Punk-like electronic solos that replace vocals, while the monumental song length is a unique touch to the sound. Fortunately, they manage to keep the songs still interesting with constant catchy and diverse tunes that give every track a new feel to it. I get the impression that they might have been better off with a bit less eclectic mixtures in some of the songs, which drags those songs down that otherwise might have the potential to be true classics of the genre. To be more precise some vocals seem a bit out of place and the pop vocals in other songs are definitely an interesting experiment but might seem a bit jarring at times. However, despite some minor flaws this is a damn fine record that I'll recommend for the variation and catchy tunes. On top of that: being successful in creating their own sound from the Daft Punk blueprint without outright copying it is a pretty great feat in itself.
I was sitting quite a long time on this record and they released the new LP Drama in the meantime, which you definitely should take a look at as well. They moved away from the DP tribute record style and even reimagined some of their best songs from the previous EP (She Fades Away is an amazing track on both records). The newest record is a more rock than electronica, but stands pretty well on its own merits and is more than worth a listen. Check out Maybe this is what I need too. Both records have some minor issues that are more a matter of taste than a real problem with the music, but both are records that I thoroughly enjoy and recommend giving a listen to. Oh and guys, I love your cover artist!

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