Sunday, November 11, 2012

PrismViews - 2012 - Feel the Drip

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I'm sitting here, two days before Halloween, and PrismViews Feel The Drip is coming out of my speakers after attending a “zombie disco” party on the weekend. This LP would have been perfect for it. It's Detroit techno by way of disembodied disco, 13 tracks of distorted singing over ice-cold beats (that drum machine must have ice breaking off it with every clack). Some of these vocals sound like desperate cries in the night, the kind you'd hear coming from the darkness of an alley late at night or you imagine come from a graveyard on a full moon (“Fearlust” especially). The band uses 'witchhouse' as a descriptive, and I was ready to write them off as crazy. The lyrics might be a bit creepy/cheesy, but where's the deep bass and in your face synth? It's there, but not in the same ham-fisted combo most witch house blasts across every song. As the soundtrack to a visual installation these tracks make a lot of sense, at least to me. I can picture all kinds of crazy video and performance pieces being engulfed by Feel the Drip. On their own they though, the songs do lack some punch that a performance would provide. The middle third or so of the album (“Memory Loss – Wizard”, “Levitation”) definitely sounds like a chunk of the music has been excised so as to not overwhelm some unseen and unheard party to the proceedings. “Synthetic” and “Gold Velvet” have 'video collage' written all over them. If one doesn't mind the shift in sound those songs take, and admittedly they're a decent respite from constant bass throb, Feel the Drip might just be your techno disco treat. Halloween and performance art not required.

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