Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aaron Larson - 2012 - hepburns, part I

Folk/ Pop
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This right here, gets my vote for the most misleading album cover this year. After all, who would expect a Dinosaur to star a serene pop folk record talking about the trivial things in life. The topics touched on hepburns, part I are anything but the metaphorical dinosaur on the street. While the whole world talks about that dinosaur strolling around leasurely through the neighbourhood, Aaron Larson tells you about the connection to dear family members, unreachable beauty or special friendship relations. His lyrics are quite poetic really and the image of someone finding the "means to wink and tip his hat as a spring girl walks on down the street" will stay with me long after the record stopped repeating for this review. The style of music isn't all that unusual and listeners won't find anything overly surprising here, even though I'd argue that Worst of Friends is an endearingly enchanting track that was definitely worth finding this album for. Unfortunately, the record isn't quite holding up to that until the end and loses its spell during the last 2 songs which feel a bit too repetitive and dont have the same emotional impact the first 3 tracks have. Overall, its still a very endearing record that fans of slower pop and folk music should give a listen to.

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