Friday, November 16, 2012

The Miracals - 2011 - Give Me A Chance

Surf pop
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It might be just my own issues speaking (and if so, I blame the onslaught of boy bands), but any musician that refers to a girl as “girl” is beginning to sound extremely suspect to me. In real life, people who use that term without irony are usually the same people who get arrested for loitering in front of the McDonalds next to the local juvenile detention facility. What I’m saying is that in order to stay in my good graces after using that word which shall not be sung, you have a damn high bar to clear. You basically have to be about as good as The Miracals: yes, the person whom these guys are asking for their titular chance is never specified as anything other than “girl”, but their sentiments are irresistible due to their beautiful harmonies, twinkling guitar tones, and relaxed sincerity. The target of their affections is a universal, rather than a sexual, construct. Alas, that’s the nagging (if minor) downside of Give Me A Chance: it may be adorable, but its focus gets tiring. When the members of The Miracals suggest that we could “pretend that we’re in love” on the groovy, upbeat “Pretend”, it’s an understated, sweet moment (especially with that gorgeously executed key change at the end), but then they hammer the theme of young love throughout four more songs; by the time they implore, “My girlfriend, love me so / My girlfriend, please don’t go,” on the closer “Girlfriend”, complete with acapella harmonies, cynical minds may sustain eye injuries from rolling theirs too far back. To their credit, though, the sugar is tempered with melancholy, moody production, which goes far in alleviating the risk of musical diabetes. And in any case, the bar has been cleared with room to spare. Give these guys their chance and make sure to brush your teeth after the prom.

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