Friday, November 23, 2012

ilovecolour - 2012 - The Wolf

Alternative Rock
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It says a lot about a record if I can't decide on a song to recommend. Usually that happens either when all songs are outright forgettable or, as in this case, when they all are pretty stellar. Sure, there are only 3 proper tracks on this EP after the intro, but damn am I enjoying those songs. Creative without being incoherent and staying true to one sound throughout the record without being boring. The intro track pushes the listener softly into this den filled with densely packed emotions and palpable tension. What follows could very well be the most enjoyable, cohesive and gripping track sequence I've heard all year. They manage to keep the tracks interesting in themselves as well, for example with well timed intrumentational breaks, the inclusion of a wind instrument sound that surprisingly fits very well or the use of hauntingly striking drumming sequences that reminds you of your foreignness to this world.Even though there are many details to like here, I found the screaming voice parts a bit jarring at first, need to admit that that ilovecolour do a pretty nice job of integrating those into the sound and overall theme of the record, though. You might feel uneasy at first stepping into a seemingly creepy den filled with secrets, but in the end it will win you over with its its extraordinary and irresistable charm, leaving you to howl with the wolves. Hard not to recommend.

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