Thursday, October 18, 2012

Les Guenilles - 2009 - Les Guenilles

Punk Rock
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It's time to throw down, here and now! Les Guenilles (The Rags, for English speakers speakers) have brought the rock, and from the sounds of it, possibly a chair, baseball bats, and chains. This self-titled EP feels raw, dirty, and hopped up on enough cough medicine to take on the whole bar, just give 'em the wrong look and it's on! This one is for fans of that raw, dirty, decaying rock that will force you to take a shower in order to get the sludge off when you're done listening. The only thing that can be described as having a clean sound are the cymbal crashes, even that would be a stretch. “Perspective” widens the spectrum of sonic influences that Les Guenilles bring to the table from more than simply noisy punk and stoner rock that “Combination Perdante” starts the whole affair off with and “Icitte ca sent l'mort” ends things with. Yes, “Perspective”, and to a degree “Interzone” have just the right amount of rock-a-billy bleeding into the guitar interplay that you're never quite sure what to expect. Will come next... well aside from the vitriol of course. I mean, that tipsy feeling you hear in rockabilly doesn't usually go hand in hand with such angry punk rock, but it fits these songs like a glove, and these Rags score points for that alone. Les Guenilles don't really reinvent the thrash rock wheel of course, but they play uniformly well (and dirty), so while it may not stick out to aficionados of harder rock so much, if you're missing a Quebecois entry in your collection, this group of guys are certainly worth earmarking for that. I know I'll be using this EP as a spring board to their other works.

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