Wednesday, October 24, 2012

El Tano y los Mancuso - 2012 - Una patada en las bolas al establishment

Argentinian Pop/Rock
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This is an incredibly talented group of musicians that apparently couldnt really recide for whom they want to make their music. They seem to jump between classic instrumental guitar/piano background for easy listening to full rock instrumentation in the next song and then jump to songs that seem to be highly influenced by rather pushy vibes that I'd categorize as Electronica and back to a song that wouldnt be out of place on a Balkan Pop party. Versatility can be a great asset, and these guys really need to be careful about how to structure their records, so as not to make them feel almost completely random. However, the individual parts, the songs taken on their own merits, are quite astoundingly fun to listen to and I think its hard to argue against the quite obvious catchyness these songs emit. Regarding, the variety on here: I have a personal preference, but I wouldnt necessarily say that they are particularly bad in any of the genres they tap into here, it simply feels... unusual, and I'd go as far as to say that I'd love them to explore what all of these genres have to offer individually. This record definitely feels rather random at times, but El Tano y los Mancuso still manage to reward the listener with an unusual, yet equally worthwhile and playful trip through various genres. Pick the ones you like, shorten it to an EP and enjoy the sounds from a few guys experimenting with something they quite obviously love.

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