Monday, March 11, 2013

BEST YOUTH - 2011 - Winterlies

Indie pop/rock
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Good music takes you somewhere. For a moment, you can rise above yourself in a momentarily heightened state of awareness and see the world from a place where things make more sense. In the end, that’s what makes indie-pop/rock trio Best Youth stand out; its EP Winterlies is evidence of a group capable of finding something poignant even in seemingly shallow sensual pleasures. It’s a simple formula executed with understated but irresistible flair. Opener “Hang Out” begins with the titular question: “Do you want to hang out?” coos lead vocalist Catarina Salinas, her beckoning backed up by a hushed, reserved piano and ambient guitar. Salinas’ wispy, fragile voice packs much of Winterlies’ emotional heft; she’s just as good as tapping into the loneliness of the modern citygoer’s life as she is at indulging in the dirty ecstasy of it all. Sometimes she does both at the same time: “Don’t leave me alone,” she gasps on the refrain of “Wait For Me” in a tone somehow as desperate as it is seductive. The instrumental work is just as exemplary as the lyrical, packed with hints of electropop flavor, weightless guitar licks, and drums that loom like thunderclouds. It all boils down to a release that’s surprisingly stirring for how sobering the thoughts within are.

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