Monday, March 25, 2013

Euphony - 2013 - Mistakes EP

Gypsy Folk/Ska
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I can't believe I don't know how to start this review. The Mistakes EP is kind of rather very good, but I'm drawing blanks on how to properly present it to you, wasfuersohr reader. It's one of the few albums of it's genre-ilk I've come across, and easily the most accessible to those not familiar with the lesser know 'Gypsy' subgenre, in this instance encapsulating “gypsy folk”. I suppose I could say “if you took the unadulterated fun of gypsy punk: inclusion of instruments like accordion, trumpets, violins, fiddles and a love of ska music, and took out the punk, replaced it with songs structured like folk music as tackled by big band”... ...It probably wouldn't sound anything like this, but it's how I would best possibly describe Mistakes to someone else going into this record blind. If they're not drawn in by the time “The House of Love” has hit its stride, I can't help them, as he song encapsulated the energetic fun this music is filled with. “All Your Worth” meanwhile is bit more folk-y ballad (the lone song in that regard), with a chorus that you will absolutely feel in your bones. Another thing Euphony has going for them is the voice of their front woman. She comes at the material not with the bug-eyed over-excitement that I've come to expect from gypsy-subgenre music. No, the vocals here are smooth, bluesy even. A perfect match for the music I feel. The lyrics are also more or less easily discernible (somewhat unusual for this genre), which goes a long way towards giving these songs a lasting appeal. I guess not knowing how to describe it is the best way to jump in. Not easy to nail down, but certainly worth checking out, the Mistakes EP from Euphony.

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