Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Drive By Night - 2013 - EP

Pop rock
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  • Listening recommendations: City Alight, Home
As far as bells and whistles go, Drive By Night didn't bother with very much embellishment: the cover of its EP, which is simply titled EP, is a picture of four anonymous dudes staring into the windows of your soul. (Yikes.) That take-it-or-leave-it confidence, however, certainly isn't unwarranted, considering the impression this release makes right out of the gate; it's an absolutely polished pop rock confection and an incredibly promising debut. Opener “City Alight” begins with the distant rumble of a song—and then, without warning, rushes into a brick wall of razor-sharp guitar lines, pounding drum beats, and a positively gnarly performance from the lead vocalist. “Home” makes an indelible mark, too, built on a soaring chorus leading into a brief but noteworthy drum section and gang vocals chanting, “I'm coming home!” The band takes seemingly straightforward structures, then twists them to sneak in various motifs and tangents, and this attention to detail makes for a constantly engaging and surprisingly emotional listen. The second half hits just as hard as the first: “Flood Your Soul,” while a touch slower-paced than the first two songs, once again shows the band's knack for navigating between well-crafted verses and cathartic choruses, while closer “Claustrophobia” switches things up just before they get tired by going to 3/4 time in its chorus, the only deviation Drive By Night makes and a groovy touch that keeps the good vibes going as it closes out EP. It’s yet another example of the sturdy grasp this up-and-coming group already has on itself and how much potential it has to offer. The only downside of this rager is that it has to end.

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