Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Am a Car - 2013 - Sun Will Rise

Ambient Electronic
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Ah yes, I do love it when the bandcamp gems rise to the surface for me to find, and then pass along to you. This gem, Sun Will Rise comes to us from Leeds act I Am A Car, and like previous gems I've come across on bandcamp, it's of the minimalist ambient variety. Sun Will Rise sounds distinctly upbeat to me, staying mostly at one end of the scale. In contrast with its track titles like “Big Fucking Nothing”, “The Sudden Death of Everything”, I almost felt like the music may have been mocking that very idea that it sounded happy and that I the listener was content; the opening track's manifesto-lite lyrics, and the title of the last track; “You Are a Good Man” are either meant in earnest or mockingly, depending on how you perceive the record as a whole (I'm still not sure myself). As for the music, Sun Will Rise is chock-full of airy synthesizer lines (“For Hattie, Jasper and Molly” for instance) coming together with minimal percussion and effects creating soundscapes that feel open and inviting, and worth exploring. My ears conjured up rolling meadows in my minds eye as well as the idea of small intimate moments that are over as quickly as they began, but can bring a smile to your face. The one real downside for this album or any album that works a minimalist aesthetic, is that it's overly long. Yes, the worst part of Sun Will Rise is that there is indeed too much of a good thing, as that good thing inadvertently tramples itself  due to the songs melding together after a while. This really is a disservice to the quality tracks on display. If you can point out “The Ocean” from “Plans is Made” or “Rebuild! Please!” without looking at your mp3 player, you're made of sterner stuff than I. Of course the album is all about chilling out and letting the music soak in without focusing on it 100% and on that front, massive success, Cars. ... I'm gonna side with it being sincere... Maybe.. 

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