Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Apoplexia – 2013 – Carré Rouge EP

Drum and bass/chillstep
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  • Listening recommendations: Coup D Tat, Hasardeuse Victoire
The music of an uprising is angry, throbbing with bloodveins that are just about ready to pop out.  Apoplexia’s EP, Carré Rouge, inspired by recent political turmoil in Canada relating to a controversial college tuition policy, is a prime example. Everything about this release is drenched with dread, from the angular synth melodies to the seemingly simple breakbeats: if you really listen, you can hear the whirring of 16th hi-hats underneath, a subtle buzz that nevertheless sets the tone for the songs paved over it. Apoplexia, real name David De Garie-Lamanque, expresses himself through atmosphere and atmosphere alone. Nowhere is a lyric found (though the Bandcamp page features comprehensive explanations for the inspiration for each track), yet his compositions are so tight that you’re right there in each moment with him. Perhaps the strongest cut here is “Coup D'État,” a visceral mix of blood-thick wubstep synths, vocal samples disturbing enough to evoke Venetian Snares, and absolutely draining 16th beats. It leads right into closer “Hasardeuse Victoire” (translating to “Hazardous Victory”), which, befitting of its name, begins with a brief burst of chirpy chiptune before launching back into a future colored with the blood of radicals; the melodies toe the line between triumph and tragedy, never revealing whether the characters buried within are heroes or villains. It’s a fitting end to an album full of music for uprisings—after all, there’s never a happy ending when it comes to governments, is there?

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