Thursday, February 7, 2013

Funky Monarch - 2012 - Funkomania Ep


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It has only been a couple of years since David Guetta and Skrillex brought the genre, "Electronic" to the mainstream pop scene. If you've been a fan of either one, then the instrumentals in "Funky Monarch's" Funkomania Ep are likely to make you dance. Implying strongly by the duo's name, the main element in Funkomania Ep is none other than the sassy funk. The album marks it opening with "Prelude", starting with light electric guitar strums. The fast moving drum beat adds on with the additional instrumentals to compose an 80s-esque funk vibe. Track number two "Wicked Styles" is a track that requires patience. Building up with a repetitive bass-line, the track makes feet move after it's second minute. Highlights of the EP come to the eye in "Part of Your Ass". With a guitar strum reminiscent of disco hit "Funkytown" and a horn section sampled from the all too well sampled-"Unwind Yourself". Another notable section are the pieces of vocal tracks sampled into the tracks. The album closes with "The Cow", a beat that would've been made by the Early Guetta if not Funky Monarch. As an album that you would hear loud in the clubs, Funkomania Ep makes you fantasize the perfection you would have heard if full vocal tracks were layed on to the instrumentals. Still, its no doubt that your body will react to a listen of this funky mess.    

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