Monday, February 11, 2013

Hector - 2013 - One Man's Treasure is Another Man's Trash

Noise Rock
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And my first review of the year will be noisy, hard for many to get through, and gleefully so. Hector's self-aware LP title One Man's Treasure is Another Man's Trash is probably a decent hint for those not interested in the sonic spectrum on display here. If the idea of free jazz, rock, and noise together in a single mixture does not appeal to you, it's probably Trash, but I certainly feel there is Treasure to be found. “Yr Bad Hat” for example, drenched in feedback and noise effects to be sure, is an excellent slow burn prog rock song with a head bouncing rhythm. That there is now a crackling, unhinged adaptation of Mary Had a Little Lamb (called “Mary Had a Little Limb” here, those cheeky monkeys) in the world is reason enough for me to say “Go. Listen to this now, you.” even though I know this me aiming at niches. The real standout track, at least in terms of inventiveness is certainly “Didgeridont”, a song built around a simple wandering, repetitive guitar line that's bludgeoned by the sheer size and heft of the didgeridoo. “Didgeridont” and “Mary” combine to make psyche melting little trip that thankfully “Tent” brings things full circle; back to outright music, and you can walk away unscathed. It's an oddity, something I seem to specialize in it seems, and worth a look. 

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