Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wasfuersohr Mailbag for February 21st

Mailbag time! This blog is about free music and bands who take the time to contact us shouldn't be ignored. Lots of interesting music out there, and unfortunately we don't have the time to cover everything. This week, a couple of new releases from artists whose records we've reviewed in the past.

A brand new collection of down tempo and ethereal instrumental hip hop with proceeds of the PWYW going to a good cause. Every bit as good as the previous Ten Million Sounds, fans of the genre and those looking for a relaxing way to wake up their body and mind should definitely check it out.

Plaisance - So Fresh

One of my favourite releases of last year gets a quick EP follow up? And it's even more awesome 80's inspired electronica? Shut up and take my money! In an 8 minute span, Plaisance knock it out of the synth-park yet again.

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