Friday, February 1, 2013

the laybacks - 2013 - feel lighter tonight

Indie Rock
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Dropping a straight ahead rock record these days is a rather ballsy move, but the laybacks seem to have done just that with feel lighter tonight, a four track EP that would fit right into a rock music landscape where Oasis and Blur still ruled supreme, and Nickelback and their ilk had yet to shit things up for everyone else. This Aussie export keeps the pacing just tight enough that when they start pinning for Swedish girls on the song of the same name, it almost seems out of place. A little too heavy on the earnestness for its own good I feel (not that the other tracks are pulling punches either), as if the band were aiming for rock ballad, but didn't want to commit 100%. They do seem to like hammering away on the whammy bar though, with the title track and “just which way” showing these guys are having fun and obviously know what they're doing (no guitar wank here) when they shred. I thought it was all instrumental when it the guitars finally subsided after more than a minute to let the lyrics into play. As I mentioned before, not wordsmiths wielding the pen, but not cloying or angst ridden either. Maybe it's not their goal to write really deep lyrical content, but the lyrics really are the lowest point of an otherwise excellent EP.  

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