Thursday, April 4, 2013

NewWorldMare - 2013 - the RIAA now has no choice but to kill me

Electronica/Drum and Bass
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With titles like “My Life As A Colour,” “Toothbrush,” and “I HATED THAT EPISODE” (that’s in all caps, ladies and gentlemen), your first question about NewWorldMare has to be about what drug he’s currently on. If this frantically paced EP is evidence, however, I’m guessing he’s on LSD, as he crams in more substance over four tracks and thirteen minutes than lesser (read: non-high) people could cram in double that length. Taking it step by step, “My Life As A Colour” begins with colorful breakbeat rhythms before introducing fascist glops of synthesizers and what sounds like a chipmunk rapping. Surprisingly, the way this bizarre bowl of ingredients is mixed makes a perverse kind of sense: the chipmunk inhales more and more helium the further in we get, and the synths begin taking on a more melodic edge to compensate for it. “Toothbrush” is a chiptastic mash-up of Katy Perry’s “Firework” and another song I cannot recognize, and strangest of all, it evokes blues, Perry’s usually inert voice sounding positively raw when cranked up an entire octave and wrapped in a warm cornucopia of synths and swing beats. Track numero three is a remix of “I UPDATED MY F-LIST” courtesy of Canadian electronic powerhouse Renard; boasting a tempo of 210 BPM, the song is basically the result of a freak experiment in which Owl City took lethal doses of steroids and locked himself in his bedroom for 24 hours. Closer “I HATED THAT EPISODE” sounds nothing like hate, but it’s a compelling closer nonetheless, albeit one that makes about as much sense as anything on this EP. I got nothing else to say, and if you truly want a taste of this madness, your only choice is to hit that PLAY button and see what’s up. Just make sure the RIAA doesn’t find you.

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