Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bernard Kogovsek - 2011 - Tolmun

Ambient Folk
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  • Listening recommendations: Skozi Vejevje, Tolmun, Ve Ne Sence
Initially, I only planned to have these tracks linked in the review of Hic Et Nunc as a side project by one of the band members, but this record is simply too good to not give it more attention. Its an adjective I rarely use for music, but Tolmun is simply beautiful. An instrumental record with guitar and bassoon sounds that feels like poetry and resonates with me on a very basic level. More so than songs with vocals, instrumental records have the power to affect people with a "feeling" instead of a direct message. Listening to this makes we want to pack up and leave this hectic world behind for a few days, rediscovering those small things that are oh so easily missed. These seemingly insignificant, yet pervasive elements in our surroundings now have at least one speaker and one sound more, Bernard Kogovsek's Tolmun. Songs that remind us of the importance, the steadiness and the sublime beauty of the smallest things surrounding us. And like the small and subtle joy emitted by the calming sounds of running water, breezing wind or the smell after the rain, Tolmun will probably not get the attention it deserves, but for the ones that notice it, its a treasure to behold.

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