Thursday, May 2, 2013

Frrrp! - 2013 - Things That Make You Go

Jazz Fusion
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  • Listening recommendations: A Night In Tunisia
Oh lord, I'm about to step into truly unmarked territory for myself (at least, unmarked for five years), and lay Things That Make You Go on you guys and gals. Take my e-hand and let us groove to the smooth sounds of Frrrp!'s free jazz fusion shall we? That last sentence either caused you to scoff and walk off, or you're itching for more. If the latter, first, stop itching. Second, Frrrp!, Great name? Greatest name? Jazz is something I know when I hear it, even if delving into it's many facets and idiosyncrasies is much too daunting a task for me. That out of the way, Things That Make You Go is laid back and relaxing, never really getting above a brisk walk in tempo (“A Night in Tunisia” or “Nardis”), but that's part of the appeal. It's not too slow as to put you to sleep or lose your attention, and not a freak out that only jazz aficionados can enjoy. The rhythm sections keep it relatively simple and warm, but deftly handled, coming into the fore just at the right moments when things start to really pick up the pace and the guitar can't go it alone any longer. Speaking of, the guitar keeps its sound rather bar band bluesy, never veering too far off into uncharted territory, for better or worse depending on how you look at this. The organ/piano seems to day tripping along side the rhythm section (when I hear this kind of jazz, I always think of the movie “Breathless” for the scenes of Patricia walking around Paris) or playing a supporting role to the guitar, either way it adds a bit groove to the music that would be lacking otherwise. This is made apparent on “Nardis” and built upon in later tracks, which I think makes this record perfect for a leisurely stroll just about anywhere (though Paris in the 1960's, should one have a time machine handy, would be excellent). Things That Make You Go isn't going to reinvent any jazz-related wheels, but it does present us with a set of tracks filled with laid back grooves that will satisfy that itch you didn't even realize you had (notice your toes tapping? I didn't at first either!). I can't ask for more than that, so give Frrrp! and Things That Make You Go a spin.

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