Friday, May 10, 2013

Banana Nightmare - 2012 - Bananageddon

Electronic/Hip Hop/Rock/Pop
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Many of the individual songs on this record deserve to be heard. All of the involved musicians show some great talent, but unfortunately the record somehow ends up to be less than the sum of its parts. The whole record seems more like a mixtape of different musicians and genres than a cohesive LP, which makes it really hard to get into. The fragmented nature also shows in the general idea: "Bananageddon [...] hopes to speak out against dogma and superstitious thinking", yet includes tracks that obviously have a religious message (Hallowed is still a good track nonetheless). I can't be the only one who sees the dissonance regarding that here. The instrumental tracks show some great craftsmanship and would be fantastic instrumental tracks if they werent mixed with interesting, but a bit redundant scientific quotes. I get the idea these guys had here, but the way its implemented doesn't lend itself very well to re-listening the actually quite good instrumental tracks. While there are a few exceptions, most of the hip hop and pop tracks are actually really good as well, benefitting from having great vocalists and only stumble overall because the tracks dont quite seem to fit together. I am not saying this kind of collaboration can't work, but the individual musicians are certainly better than the way these tracks have been assembled into a single record. I heard a decent mixtape here with some great songs. If you remove some of the dissonances and split this album into the 3 albums it should be, we'd have some great records on our hands. Oh and someone convince Eve Vickerson to make more songs please, "This Feeling" is definitely the standout, even among the individually good songs, for me here. Absolutely fantastic dreamy pop track with passion, love and a charismatic voice that the world deserves to hear more of. I highly recommend listening to Bananageddon and getting to know promising musicians that we hopefully hear more of in the future. The review is already too long, but these guys still deserve a shoutout and mad props for their "Project: Free Your Voice" as well, read up on it here:

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