Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blasterbra - 2011 - Unit

Garage Rock
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Pounding and uncompromising garage rock with a touch of a 90's attitude. These tracks will make you want to jump up and throw your limbs against anything opposing you. The lyrics of most songs are incredibly catchy, the voice of the lead singer is charismatic and the instrumentation is pure and unrestrained rocking fun. Unfortunately, the album doesnt keep the high quality of tracks like Quiet,You and My Sweetheart the Punk throughout the whole record and falls a bit flat towards the end. On top of that there are some slight sound quality issues due to the diy nature of it as well. But that shouldn't detract from the massive amount of rocking fun Blasterbra is providing here. Some tracks, especially Quiet, You are definitely among the best tracks I've heard in the genre in a while. Despite some minor issues, there is lots of fun and variation to be had with Unit. For my part, I sure hope that they pick up where they left off if they every consider returning from their hiatus.

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