Friday, May 24, 2013

Vulture Radio - 2013 - Vulture Radio Demos

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It's become a rarity since taking up musical arms for Wasfuerfohr that rock acts actually produce anything worth listening to, let alone recommending others listen to as well. I say that because Vulture Radio has an EP of demos that is more than worthy of listening to and recommending. I don't even remember the last straight up rock record I reviewed to be honest. Vulture Radio Demos is pretty self explanatory, we've got 5 song demos that if I'm being honest sound rough around the edges, but that only makes them more listenable; what with this being a garage rock affair after all. These Vultures don't seem too interested in carcases though, not with the deep bass grooves and driving pop punk guitars working instep with one and other to propel things at a deceptively fast tempo. No, these guys want their audiences alive and filled with rock vitality, possibly covered in a layer of dirt and sweat. The opening of "First Through the Door" is instantly catchy, and will plant itself in your mind and take root there. I would go so far as to say the entire record is filled with catchy hooks, simple and effective as all good hooks should be. Another aspect of Vulture Radio that appealed to me was the vocals. Not the best quality, they're a bit flat in that regard, but that's the recording/mixing and not the singer himself. No the vocals appealed to me because they're enticing and decently ranged without relying on any false bravado shtick to come across like an alpha male badass. This is just a group of guys that want to have a good time, no other pretense needed. I hope that stays the same if these songs ever make it beyond demo status. I can only take so many terrible Glenn Danzig impressions in my rock music. Vulture Radio Demos scratched that indie rock itch bandcamp first revealed to me with Cast of Cheers. Cannot wait to hear what they release next. Get out there and crank the Vulture Radio!

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